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Black Arabic Abaya

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The beauty of Arabic Abaya or Jilbab lies in the softness of the Nida fabric. The material is hand crafted to give you a flawless flow as you stride ever so gracefully and beautifully. 

Product Features:

  • Full-length jilbab has been designed with a hide chin and tie back headband. The sleeves have elasticated cuffs making performing wudhu easier.
  • Luxury Two Piece Knee Length Jilbab Khimar Style Abaya and Skirt with Chunnat Slevees/Dolman Sleeves.
  • Tie Back Burkha Jilbab Khimar Style Abaya Hijab Niqab Islamic Modest Wear.

You can wear it with your face open or as a niqab. There is a strap to tie in order to wear as a hijab. To wear it as niqab pull the chin part and you use a pin to secure it.

  • One Size

Black Arabic Abaya

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